Relistening, there’s a lot to be said for it. Remembering that slice of audio pleasure set free but secure somehow in an ocean of music still buoyant and fresh beyond initial release even when that was not so very long ago is very worthwhile. Topical too as the spirited electro chamber-prog band Dinosaur, out of the Chaos Collective, are touring this month. Their album Together as One was released last year, listen above.
The four-piece, the Human Spirit quartet (featuring keyboardist Elliot Galvin, ex-WorldService Project bass guitarist Conor Chaplin and drummer Corrie Dick) are led by the Wheeler-esque award winning trumpeter composer Laura Jurd. The band have showcased at the European Jazz Meeting and 12 Points. Dates include The Model, Sligo as part of an extensive 21-28 February Irish tour that opens in Dublin and concludes in Cork