Lost weekends are made for bands of the calibre of Ibrahim Electric. As are quadruple bills, you know the sort of line-up a club might put on at festival time featuring a bunch of new bands that might not through any fault of their own sell the room out in their own name at least beyond their home patch but together build on a certain cult appeal and invade the moment and find their level. For punters it is heaven to check out a smattering of new sounds while relaxing just as the band might do on stage, no pressure compared to a stuffy concert hall where the audience never will get it no matter how much effort the band grind out. Ibrahim Electric are a groove band in a way and clearly no shirkers because this release documents a whopping six-hour concert. Contained is plenty of soul fashioned by the powerfully scratchy guitar in the Cornell Dupree-Grant Green mould courtesy of the trio's Niclas Knudsen that provides lots of torque and a slick confident momentum that draws energy from James Brown and African highlife for inspiration. But more so if they were local on the London scene in the 1990s the three-piece might understandably have been lumped in with acid jazz. But as they were not (they are from Denmark) yet the sound has a retro match to Hoxton in its Piller-driven heyday and The Marathon Concert (Stunt ***1/2) two CD set released in the UK in a few weeks' time was recorded in Copenhagen at the Vega in July last year. The crowd get in on the act, cheering, and moving to the beat and the swoon and whinny of fine B3 hammond man Jeppe Tuxen is a trip. Perfect for JTQ fans the whole thing runs and runs, swooshing and spinning along. Stefan Pasborg’s drums might get on your nerves after a while as his enthusiasm is so full on and because there is no place to go after the energy of Endangered Beat at the beginning of the generous 20 tracks selection so you might feel exhausted before too long. But that is what is it all about so make allowances and throw these talented guys some slack. Frying, flying, flayin’ em tonight. Enjoy, above