Honking unashamedly on their belovèd Doo-Wop, the opening track of Blues Town (***1/2) to be released in late-April, drummer Devin Drobka and circular breathing tenor saxophonist Chris Weller occupy a late Coltranian space that increasingly dominates for good reason as a role model the wilder and wider retrospective interest in classic free-jazz. Yup time to dig out Interstellar Space or go hear the formidable Binker and Moses. Released on the US Shifting Paradigm Records Blues Town was recorded in October 2015, the pair writing some of the tunes individually or simply letting their imaginations run wild and their hair down on the free improv. We are all looking for authenticity in our lives, and in our music aren't we? And thankfully the likes of the Blues Town two are doing that with lucid gusto. Look for plastic music elsewhere if you must.