So do like the conceit of Piano Day, the 88th day of the year picked for the number of keys on the venerable Joanna that falls this year on 29 March. Lifting the lid on the 2017 running there is plenty going on to understate in all recklessness. All spread out on ye olde Piano Day website, clicky clicky if you want to luxuriate in it all, one gig that certainly caught my eye this year is the monstrous talent that happens to belong to jazz and classical ivory tickler Marcin Masecki, a Polish Elliot Galvin it strikes me in his core modernity and maybe in the way like Galvin the Pole can deconstruct raw materials and mould them in any way he may choose. As extrovert as his fellow countryman Leszek Możdżer in terms of sheer jaw dropping technique just for starters Masecki manages to paint pictures on his instrument few players can ever dream were even remotely possible.
Playing the Mick Lally theatre in Galway city, venue link