A WHOPPER of a title for release by Unit Records this week is The Giant Corners, by 27-year-old French pianist David Tixier, a former semi-finalist of the Montreux piano solo competition, featuring a cameo on several tracks by singer Sachal Vasandani. Listen, as the guy is pretty special however under the radar he is so far beyond his home circuit. Tixier has written most of the compositions on the album which is mostly solo piano so full points for sticking his neck on the line at the very least. The standards otherwise intermingled among the intensity of the solo rhapsodising tackle deep, brooding, standardsville in Irving Berlin’s ‘How Deep Is The Ocean’ and by contrast a pop-easy listening classic from Stevie Wonder, the toothsome ‘Isn't She Lovely’ that anyone who hasn’t been in a coma since before 1976 will know. Tixier recorded the album in Bern in 2016, the concept revolves around the life of a giant stuck on Earth voiced by Vasandani.