Nominated for the Mercury Prize last year for Channel the Spirits Shabaka Hutchings’ The Comet Is Coming continue to get the word out by touring far from their home base and play Belfast next month. The reedist is joined in the electro-crossover project by Danalogue (Dan Leavers) and Betamax (Max Hallett), these pair Hutchings got to know when they were in a little heard-of duo called Soccer 96. Hutchings, into Count Ossie and Yusef Lateef, tuned in, he told marlbank at the beginning of the project, “through being a fan of their band and checking their music out. They bring so much energy live that the first time I heard them play I was pretty much blown away, and said to myself: I’ve got to work with these guys.” He guested on a gig and sat in with the group terming what his new bandmates do as “experimental popular music,” a pretty broad sweep you might say, Hutchings qualifying his statement “though a lot of what emerges musically can be linked to directions pointed towards by modern players of ‘jazz’ music also.” The name The Comet is Coming itself derives from a BBC Radiophonic Workshop piece of the same name, the band in their early days rehearsing in a warehouse space in Dalston called the Total Refreshment Centre. Hutchings says the Comet sound is distinct from the Kemets’: “The ensemble is very different from say Sons of Kemet in that it is less rootsy, has less of an earthy sound. We’re trying to take the listener into a futuristic world as opposed to reaching towards the earth in our sonic journeys. Cosmic. Sci-fi. Hipster. Punk.” 

The gig is on 3 May at the Black Box. Tickets