There is an eruptive energy about Raoul Björkenheim.

     Borne of years of exploration and contemplation, it was a journey begun in the wildnesses of his years with Edward Vesala heard in its peak period on 1980s classic Lumi.

     One of Finland and Europe’s greatest original jazz musicians way beyond the fact that on guitar he is a heavyweight improviser of the highest order, Björkenheim, 61, is back from the far side with the free-flowing Beyond featuring his band the pared-back Triad on an Eclipse Music release.

     Drummer Ilmari Heikinheimo and double bassist Ville Rauhala complete the line-up on a studio album recorded over four days last October in the small medieval Finnish city of Porvoo.

     At not much more than half an hour long with such a lot to say so succinctly, an indicative sample of the trio in action above, Triad never outstay their welcome.

Björkenheim spearheads the Finnish assault at Jazz Ahead on 27 April