All the following selections are fairly new, seriously leading the way... yup... and unaired pretty much too.

A marginalisation of what some might call “art music”, “creative music” (as opposed to uncreative music...) or file under “avant” equally dismissively is alive and well but thankfully not the case at certain supportive venues, with specialist labels, online and yes among fans.

The thing is there is good and bad jazz and improvised music whatever the specific tilt towards a sub-genre is. It is highly subjective.

The audience has an appetite for new music so why not include some more free-jazz/experimental/avant whatever you like to call it in the mix, and not tuck it away in some specialist silo or graveyard Alaska of the night?

I think the tendency on radio is often to play a/.vocal jazz; b/. jazz that is heavily influenced by rock, classical music, hip-hop or soul; c/. reissues and d/. requests!

Hmmm all well and good. Actually not that much. And why because the new/old radio station in town is you dear reader – DJ Googler. And many, if not all of you, know as much as your average jock worried about his rota and the guy behind the glass if not more.

And finally you know what? You, like me, don’t have to stick to the playlist, please the guy with the spreadsheets, and listen to the pluggers. That, freedom, is significant. Enjoy. Not so much turn on, tune in, drop out the way things are counter everything the counter culture stood for as tune out. Now wheres that obsolete dial, anyway?