Photo by Carl Hyde 2016

Pressing play I just thought of Annie Ross for an instant. The comparison faded after a while and yet returning stubbornly applies lingeringly to the alert methods and supple phrasing that the Georgia Mancio voice utilises even more than it itself shadows. Fast, literate, the lyrics by Mancio, followed in all exactitude keystroke-by-keystroke it is Alan Broadbent building on their earlier touring on a new celebratory album together, Mancio known for her collaborations with male jazz vocal great Ian Shaw and groundswell club appearances at her own ReVoice festival, Broadbent, the famous arranger and classic stylist who has worked with Charlie Haden, Paul McCartney and Diana Krall, Georgia’s long time home-run label Roomspin is releasing Songbook in late-April, these tracks serving as much more than appetising hors d’oeuvres awaiting the main course. The piano trio is piloted by the New Zealand-born master and completed by Georgia’s partner drummer Dave Ohm who has been touring a good deal with Anthony Strong in recent years and completed by the popular London scene bassist Oli Hayhurst (heard with Juliet Kelly memorably a couple of years back circa Spellbound Stories). There is a lost-in-time classic feel to these tasters, certainly belonging as much to the 1950s as the 2010s because simply they are meant to without any pertinent commentary on contemporay fashions frankly because these are irrevelant. Georgia seems to live happily enough in a bygone era surrounded by the tastes of the bopified greats that she holds dear and is inspired by. Yet then again most classic jazz has a habit of transcending the day, time and year it is delivered in as if the calendar can simply be torn up and then redirected to the intimate time and space on the bandstand in the here and now. A meaning that a musical life long in the past thoroughly experienced has led us all to this place is energised and made alive and kicking. The new album was produced by bassist Andrew Cleyndert who was known for his extensive work over many years with Brit bebop godfather Stan Tracey. The release date in April dovetails neatly with Alan Broadbent’s 70th birthday. Photo: Carl Hyde/ 

Georgia plays Belfast on 10 March appearing with trumpeter Linley Hamilton's quartet at the No Alibis bookshop on Botanic. Tickets