Eyot, SimilarityNinety & Nine records ****
Riff-fuelled unadulterated prog-jazz as redefined by Get the Blessing, Jim Barr on hand here to record and produce the Serbian quartet’s latest album made last November in Bristol. Michelson Morley’s Jake McMurchie and his fellow Get the Blessing horn partner Pete Judge guest on the fittingly titled closer ‘Blessing’, drummer Milos Vojvodic’s loping beat introducing a clever guitar line from the Stuart McCallum-like Sladjan Milenovic. But it’s pianist Dejan Ilijic’s signature sound and inescapable, haunting, bass that colours the album, the tunes written and arranged by the Macedonia-born player and the band. There are plenty of big tunes and life-affirming moments, an EST-like flow on the opening track you can listen to above. The title track is flavoured by the Balkan beat of bassist Marko Stojiljkovic, little electronic effects woozing in and out before gloriously New Melodic piano from Ilijic. ‘Pools of Purple Light’ is Eyot at their most confident, a glorious island of sonic iridescence.