JD Allen will be appearing with his trio on Wednesday 7 March at Brilliant Corners in Belfast the 2018 line-up of which has just been announced.

Zhenya Strigalev, as magnetic a bopper live as you will go a long way to hear, returns yes playing on a recording made in a few live settings. Above the sax ace on soprano with ‘Not Upset’ from Blues for Maggie (Whirlwind, album to be released in March) recorded in jazz clubs last year in Vienna and Tilburg, the deftly percolating bass guitar beat courtesy of Linley Marthe and reggae hinting just a little at a Carlton Barrett style conjured by Eric Harland dissecting the metre, and there is a Sco flow of a guitar solo from Federico Dannemann kicking in after the woozy sax’n’synth-ish effects around the three-minute mark.