Not at all as big a name outside America as inside Nellie McKay made a splash, oh, 14 years ago with the big selling Get Away From Me

The caveat inevitably is that standards albums are two a penny and this one is angled more for vintage and retro fans and maybe just maybe a few dip-their-toes-in-the-water far fussier jazz fans.

Any album that contains ‘Small Day Tomorrow,’ which this one does, as well as the evergreen charms of ‘The Nearness of You’ certainly deserves respect.

And there are lots of good things that the stripped back accompaniment of the singer on a range of instruments including piano, ukulele and harmonica, even a little harp, provides. 

Less good and more tellingly are her producer chops as the overriding impression is that McKay has bitten off more than she can chew.

A pianist, singer, songwriter nonetheless worth spending quality time over and waiting patiently for future magic, to appeal to jazz fans further from home who for now live beyond her fanbase may well take a lot more time and a good deal less of such a thick carpet of nostalgia however lovingly unrolled. 

On Palmetto (***1/2) and out now.