Bizarre, gnomic music here from a Norwegian trio led by the singer Mari Kvien Brunvoll amid lots of percussion, synths and drums sliced and shaped around her voice.

In English the album title means ‘Who Knows How To Live’, and some of the music was written by Brunvoll for a Kurt Schwitters-inspired concert, Schwitters an inspiration too on such maverick homegrown UK talents as Andrew Plummer.

There’s a primitive kookiness and restlessness to Brunvoll’s intriguing voice and yet ultimately a naïve aspect to the musical settings, the backing to her voice while apparently complex able to act as directly as any singer’s interplay with her band who seem to recede the more the album progresses. 

Brunvoll has a voice that is as unique as Kate Bush’s or Björk’s and that is partly the fascination on an arresting album where she dominates, eccentricities and all.

UK release is 2 September 

Around for a while now, some six years in their current incarnation, but not always easy to track down in the flesh, Leverton Fox are an unusual trio, the plugged in slithery processes of Alex Bonney’s trumpet greeting Isambard Khroustaliov’s woozy electronics and the open patterns of Tim Giles' drums in a dystopian space where improv and electronica collide and co-habit.

Certainly avant garde and a world away from straightahead jazz, although Giles’ choppy beats occasionally inject a slight resemblance to one of the band’s core common spaces as the plangent roar of electronica and whinny of trumpet merge behind him, the trio wear their learning lightly and are adept at creating sound pictures and long compelling statements that have a kind of symphonic ambition and wrap you up totally inside their world.

Released on 9 September