Choose in any improviser wish list, should there ever be such a shape shifting jazz strand at the multi-disciplinary Happy Days, the Samuel Beckett festival which returns this autumn after a sojourn in Paris, anyone influenced by Ionescu, for a start. Mat Maneri playing his own music sits snugly in this regard. Or why not capture the powerful influence that Komeda and Beckett had on Polanski and choose Tomasz Stanko? 

For larger ensembles Carla Bley, Michael Mantler, or in a mid-size ensemble for his acute sense of the abstract Alexander Hawkins also make sense although size does not matter as much as their unique aesthetic. Uri Caine, to connect with classical music, Henry Threadgill, Han Bennink for his gleefully knockabout own specific sense of the absurd, Evan Parker and Bill Frisell also chime. The Buster Keaton project of Frisell’s, as Keaton influenced both Beckett and Frisell in different ways, leaps to mind, the Beckett connection there, Film.

Web: Dates: 1-3 September to be announced