A new label to me, the avant and improv-inclined Dark Tree Records, based in Paris. They are releasing a pretty wild piano trio first up, above, to sample, that’s pianist Eve Risser, double bassist Benjamin Duboc and drummer Edward Perraud. Refreshingly there is a feral energy here and in Risser reminiscent of a young Marilyn Crispell a brooding explosive presence. En Corps – Generation was released back in the early-spring.


A few months earlier and a very different trio again released by Dark Tree, a more industrial ant-like creep and crawl to Tournesol, the electric guitar of Julien Desprez, same bassist as with the Risser trio in Duboc and Julien Loutelier playing percussion. Desprez has been on my radar for a while since hearing Irène and he takes his sound into less comfortable and more crowded textural places that may very well appeal to anyone who once appreciated Derek Bailey. See more of what Dark Tree have to offer at their website linked to here

Just yesterday there was a chance to go over a slightly belated round up of three choice picks of albums a third of the way through 2017. One of the artists listed was pianist Bruno Heinen. A pleasant surprise today then to see, all the threes, Common Spaces, as it is titled, streaming on Bandcamp, Heinen joined by Followed by Thirteen bassist Henrik Jensen, you may remember his delicately bittersweet Blackwater from last year and that same band’s drummer Antonio Fusco, to form the New Simplicity Trio, an exercise in melodicism and inevitably where Heinen is concerned, impressionism. The CD release date of the Babel label album, which is streaming above, is 23 June.