Michael Janisch

Bassist Michael Janisch’s burgeoning reputation as a catalyst on the jazz scene spans both sides of the Atlantic. And while London-based it’s fitting that Janisch takes the route to his roots to cross the Atlantic by performing some concerts in the mid-West of the United States later this month. With his drawing power well established it’s a crack quintet from the New York scene that he’s taking with him to play St. Paul, Minnesota as Janisch is joined by alto saxophonist Patrick Cornelius; by trumpeter Philip Dizack, whose 2012 album End of an Era found the Milwaukee player achieving the impossible by making a Coldplay song seem remotely hip in covering their song ‘What If’; by forward thinking guitarist Matthew Stevens; and by the former Betty Carter star drummer Clarence Penn, whose 2012 quartet album Dali in Cobble Hill stoked the embers of Penn’s already formidable reputation.
Janisch Quintet

While in St. Paul Janisch’s quintet will be playing at a Whirlwind Recordings showcase on 23 January at Studio Z, and Janisch will also be conducting a free entry workshop while in town and then taking up his position as artist-in-residence at the University of Wisconsin's La Crosse jazz festival. If you pre-book for the Studio Z showcase gig you'll receive a free 22-track sampler download album from the label simply by emailing your ticket purchase details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michael Janisch, top; and with the quintet, featuring Philip Dizack, second right, Patrick Cornelius, Matthew Stevens, and Clarence Penn