Blessed with superb tone, Higgs‚Äô soundworld on his own compositions exist in Claus Ogerman-meets-Mark Isham-like musical situations, as they‚Äôre highly romantic, melodic and communicative. But if someone set words to ‚ÄėClocks‚Äô, it would be perfect for a singer such as Christopher Cross. You won‚Äôt however find big improvisational flights of fancy or extended solos here as that‚Äôs not the point although there is a jazz sensibility at play. ‚ÄėShadows and Desire‚Äô is my pick of the tunes with its Metheny-esque Secret Story-like atmosphere, and the album may well also appeal to listeners who dip in and out of light classical music as much as they do styles of jazz that have their compass set firmly from the example of the early balladic side of Miles Davis onwards. The exposition of the themes, very strong movie-quality ones at that, and their decorative interpretation, is the preferred approach, whether it‚Äôs heard in the light classical style of ‚ÄėCrystalline‚Äô or the sentimental ‚ÄėThe Glow of Evening.‚Äô SG