An enduring inspiration for jazz musicians – only last year the Bad Plus delivered their interpretation of Stravinsky’s masterwork.

And like the Bad Plus, but scaling up from their trio format to an octet, Scottish pianist David Patrick doesn’t hold back: flurries of free form saxophone quickly unfurling after the familiar dreamy opening of the piece. His florid, McCoy Tyner-esque solo in ‘Dance of the Young Maidens’ makes the connections with modern jazz even more pertinent.

Joined by the reeds players Sam Coombes, Brian Molley and Calum Robertson, trumpeter Tom MacNiven, trombonist John Kenny, bassist Andrew Robb and drummer Ole Seimetz the interpretation based on Patrick's orchestration manages to steer an unerring course that respects the original folding in plenty of jazz re-imagining. The rituals of Stravinsky’s artistic vision transfer seamlessly to a different yet complementary set of ideas and inspirations, the squall and anarchy of ‘Wedding Song of the Chosen One’ just one example of the ideal accommodation between the two.

Released on 19 September