The city of Derry jazz and big band festival is on again this spring. The golden-voiced Imelda May is the headliner (30 April, International Jazz Day, and 1 May Millennium Forum). Imelda on ‘Should’ve Been You’ from new album Life. Love. Flesh. Blood above: “I wrote ‘Should've Been You’ as a personal story of heartbreak, regret and eventual empowerment but when making this video I wanted it to reflect current feelings of solidarity amongst lots of women worldwide in response to events unfolding around us such as the Trump administration’s approach to affordable health and maternity issues. I wanted to ask the question ‘who takes care of us? We are 50 per cent of the world and it’s the people in power’s responsibility to take care of women as well. It still seems like it’s a man’s world and in 2017 that’s shocking. And I have a young daughter, which changes your perception of how you want things to be. You want to leave her a better world, you think ahead that way.”