Launching his new quartet album this Sunday night at the Vortex in London here’s a taste of Adrian Reid’s Nyanza Street.

Pianist Reid is well known on the London scene for his pulsing modern mainstream style, and the CD title has a London link too, named after a place in south east London where Reid grew up.

Joined by Tony Kofi, on alto and soprano sax, Larry Bartley, bass, and Rod Youngs, drums, Adrian comments: “I had been working with various members of the band for over 20 years. We would get together rehearse and do a few gigs and then go back to our respective outfits thus allowing us to eke out a living as musicians. We always enjoyed working together so after two seconds of contemplation I decided to make it official. To make a recording. Some of the compositions were well travelled parts of our repertoire and others finished ideas that hadn’t yet been transferred to paper. The ones that made it to print we touched on first. Those still in the ether I brought the band aurally. I was amazed how quickly they grasped the ideas and ran with them. It was a source of joy for me.”