Joe Lovano

According to multiple sources in the US but not yet officially announced tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano has signed to the German label ECM and is to tour Trio Tapestry. This has an avant flavour because it will feature the cult former Braxtonian, pianist Marilyn Crispell and reunites Lovano with his Viva Caruso drummer Carmen Castaldi. Dates appear on a number of schedules seen by marlbank to begin in the States in late-January and then when it reaches Europe to include a concert in Berlin in the spring.

Last year Lovano, Crispell and Castaldi were billed to play at least one gig under the banner of Trio Fascination: The Moment of Now (fans will prick up their ears at mention of Trio Fascination which in Edition One was in the 1990s a Blue Note label album with JoeLo + Dave Holland and Elvin Jones). Described by one source as featuring “innovative new compositions” this departure is a huge signing by anyone’s standards while Lovano has appeared on the label in the past as a sideman notably on Paul Motian records.

For 2019 it is the first glimmer of what already looks to be a big year for the Manfred Eicher founded label which will be marking its 50th anniversary in some way. No plans have been announced at all so far. Top of the wish list for many, marlbank included, is that the Mal Waldron album Free At Last which is impossible to find and which began the whole Edition of Contemporary Music story can be at last reissued and experienced by a new generation of listeners for the first time. Stephen Graham

Joe Lovano above, publicity photo