Paula Rae Gibson and Kit Downes

Dark nocturnes On vinyl this November Emotion Machine is a sensual new first duo collaborative album from acclaimed fine-art photographer and singer Paula Rae Gibson and pianist composer Kit Downes.

Highlights include a subtle version of Rae Gibson classic, ‘Black Hole’. The softer textures and sombre elegies that pervade the record enhance the many ideas in terms of mood and spell that Rae Gibson has been working on through the years.

A sense of hush, a stark reality emerges. Think the imagery of Nic Roeg, Sylvia Plath, Kate Bush, the cold shock of the afternotes of an unguessable Keith Jarrett chord that never needs to resolve.   

Paula, Kit, and the cultish Koichi Makigami have been touring in Japan as part of an En Rapport three-year project that draws together British and Japanese musicians for a new sense of experimental dreaming — and discovering. SG