Andrew Cyrille these last few years is keeping great company. FLASHBACK to the effortless mastery incarnate of his Intakt summitry with the Coltranian Reggie Workman & the World Saxophone Quartet matador of magic Oliver Lake. Cyrille (Conquistador, Unit Structures, Afternoon of a Georgia Faun) makes me ask another question: what do the blues and freedom mean to you? (You need to stop and urgently find an answer.) TIME to fast forward to his conference with Bill Frisell and Wadada Leo Smith (Wadada and Bill never together before on a record apparently) a very special end of year plum. Never has a sense of place become so vital in metaphorical terms given that we all need to know where home is if only an aspiration and not a reality; and yet what I sense so far is with all these players listening to some of their life changing work over the years now together in a spirit of collective strength and solidarity is that they are more interested in where they can journey to — and take you there with them.