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From “Why now is the perfect time to get into jazz,” Gilles Peterson has excelled himself. Marlbank’s favourite gems from the interview

“The current jazz scene is really exciting because – as opposed to previous scenes – it’s got a confidence and is comfortable in doing it without any help.''

We somehow land in superhero territory. Hold on — Courtney Pine, in mondo Gilles, from a “previous scene”, actually pretty much larging it still the last time I looked, might have something to say about this. Ronnie Scott, entering ancient history for a moment, was pretty unexciting as well I thought I heard Buddy Bolden say. 
“Fundamentally they’ve gone out and done their own events and put on their own gigs, and have just been playing a lot.”

Those pesky jazz festivals and clubs are completely wasting their time.
“I’m looking forward to getting anthems out of the new scene, the tracks and everyone knows [sic] is British and that you can just play it in the club. It’s important to have anthems.” 
The words of a grown man!