From the previously unissued and newly-rediscovered 1969 Grits, Beans and Greens: The Lost Fontana Sessions, by the great British jazz saxophonist Tubby Hayes, to be released by Decca on 26 July. I guess this will make a lot of people very happy. 

What you need to know:

Grits, Beans And Greens: The Lost Fontana Studio Session 1969

1CD, 1LP & Digital. 5 tracks of what would have been the final album

1. For Members Only (take 2) [6.26]
2. Grits, Beans and Greens (take 4) [6.09]
3. Rumpus (take 1) [7.30]
4. You Know I Care (take 2)
5. Where Am I Going? (take 3) [9.16]

Recorded at Philips Studios, Stanhope Place, London, Tuesday June 24th, 1969
10.30am – 1.30pm

The personnel: Tubby Hayes (tenor sax); Mike Pyne (piano); Ron Mathewson (bass); Spike Wells (drums)
Producer: Terry Brown
Engineer: David Voyde

Grits, Beans And Greens: The Lost Fontana Studio Sessions 1969 [Complete Sessions]

2CD Deluxe + digital. The complete sessions. 18 tracks including alt. takes, studio chatter + the May 1969 studio session (with Louis Stewart on guitar). In recording date & tape order.

1. Where Am I Going – (Take 1) May 27th, 1969 [08:27]*
2. Where Am I Going – (Take 2) May 27th, 1969 [07:37]*
3. Where Am I Going – (Take 3) May 27th, 1969 [08:03]*
4. Grits, Beans and Greens – (Take 1) [05:44]
5. For Members Only – (Take 1) [07:25]
6. Where Am I Going? – (Take 1) Breakdown [04:18]
7. For Members Only – (Take 2) Full Version [06:34]

1. Where Am I Going – (Take 2) [06:18]
2. Grits, Beans and Greens – (Take 2) Breakdown [00:57]
3. Grits, Beans and Greens – (Take 3) [06:21]
4. Rumpus – (Take 1) Full Version [07:45]
5. Where Am I Going – (Take 3) Full Version [09:41]
6. Rumpus – (Take 2) Breakdown [00:31]
7. Rumpus – (Take 3) Breakdown [00:17]
8. Rumpus – (Take 4) [07:22]
9. Grits, Beans and Greens – (Take 4) Full Version [06:19]
10. You Know I Care – (Take 1) Breakdown [01:06]
11. You Know I Care – (Take 2) Full Version [07:05]

* recorded at Philips Studios, Stanhope Place, London, May 27th, 1969
Tubby Hayes (tenor sax); Louis Stewart (guitar); Ron Mathewson (bass); Spike Wells (drums)

Remaining tracks recorded at Philips Studios, Stanhope Place, London, June 24th, 1969
Tubby Hayes (tenor sax); Mike Pyne (piano); Ron Mathewson (bass); Spike Wells (drums)

Producer: Terry Brown
Engineer: David Voyde

All compositions by Edward Brian ‘Tubby’ Hayes except for:
You Know I Care – written by Columbus Calvin ‘Duke’ Pearson
Where Am I Going – written by by Seymour Kaufman aka Cy Coleman/Carolyn Leigh
All arrangements by Edward Brian ‘Tubby’ Hayes.

Van Morrison

The never ending tour continues... following on from news of his headlining, now sold out Albert Hall appearance at Ronnie Scott’s 60th this autumn, Van Morrison has added more UK dates with concerts announced for Bournemouth International Centre (21 October), St David’s Hall Cardiff (23 Oct), New Theatre Oxford (27 Oct), Royal Concert Hall Nottingham (28 Oct) and the Brighton Dome over two nights (2-3 December). Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday.

There is a great gravitas about hearing Abdullah Ibrahim live and you get that here on The Balance which is to be released by Gearbox on Friday. With his band Ekaya this was recorded in London and simplicity is key, grand cadences and rich tonality washes all over the record which has a rich instrumentation including even harmonica on the title track as well as cello, and piccolo. But it is the pianistic touches above all you are looking for expressed in a language Ibrahim himself has provided all the vocabulary for. Ibrahim now in his eighties has always had that ability to make his presence count and rather than flurries of uptempo fast fingered melodies prefers to underline what he has to say with chords that count delivered as if they matter. And they so joyfully do. One of the releases of the year. 

A fully fired up latin-jazz big band these days is a pretty rare beast.

Essence is something of a special occasion for the great pianist Michel Camilo because this is his 25th album and he has pulled out all of the stops. It is fairly rare to hear Camilo with his own big band and he takes the opportunity to dust down some of his earlier work and give it a big band setting.

Arranged by Michael Philip Mossman the big band is full of A list players including saxophonists Antonio Hart and trumpeter Diego Urcola. Trombonist Steve Davis is there too and Cliff Almond is the powerful drummer on hand. You know you are in safe hands from the very first track, ‘And Sammy Walked In’. 

While the album is never old fashioned it does speak of jazz history as much as the present and underlines once again why Camilo is one of the greats. Above all it is full of spirit and has a rhythmic urgency that draws the listener in. And yes it swings like the clappers SG 


Marcos Valle is back with Sempre, the Brazilian’s first solo LP since 2010’s Estática. A canny fusion of disco, samba, and jazz-funk Valle recruited Azymuth bassist Alex Malheiros and the album boasts a horn section that includes trumpeter Jesse Sadoc. Close your eyes and you may find yourself back in 1979.