Stunning first time on vinyl for early-1990s album Ask The Ages, free-jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock’s final album featuring Pharoah Sanders on tenor saxophone and Elvin Jones, on drums — with Bill Laswell producing.

Solo bass records are not everyday events. That is not to say this is not welcome and is a chance to absorb yourself inside the technique and huge warm sound Grenadier has been producing for years but never as up close and personal as here. Overdubs are kept to a minimum and the tracks all have a certain sense to them, veering away from atmospherics more towards a strong rhythmic jolt and sense of momentum. Above all Grenadier knows how to harness tone in his cause.

A handsome record, the sound production is excellent, it has a rootsy flair as well as serious intent and is a must for all students of jazz bass.

Fresh invigorating jangly guitar-heavy approach from Typical Sisters on Hungry Ghost that draws on rock, Americana, minimalism, and a whole lot more. Check out ‘To the Landing’ heralding the release.

Drawn from Beat Music! to be released in April, Guiliana plays the Sugar Club, Dublin on 24 April.