Easy pick looking ahead: Cop an exciting new studio album from the Kiwi James Farm bassist Matt Penman. 

With tenor saxophone star Mark Turner on six tracks then there is pianist Aaron Parks, again from James Farm but not quite sure if the acclaimed Joshua Redman-fronted outfit are still around also providing Rhodes electric piano, organ and vibraphone. 

Obed Calvaire is on drums while Nir “Golden Age” Felder plays guitar on a couple of tracks. (Grab an earful of the Kiwi keyboardist Kevin Field’s 2015 album The A List for Calvaire, Felder and Penman as a unit.) 

Will Vinson on soprano sax and Rogerio Boccato percussion crop up on a single track apiece.

It is an 8 June release and Good Question will be issued by the US jazz label, Sunnyside. Get in the mood, above.