The sign of the times might have Instant Gratification written in neon.

Most jazz albums do not give instant gratification although any experienced listener can tell when a record possesses something far better and is seriously worth returning to oh for weeks, months and years. They are rare. It may be a shock to the record industry but jazz fans like to actually find new things in jazz albums because they are there to be absorbed later not a catchy little ditty like most pop that will pall within oh five or six spins.

Here is Tools of Imagination I certainly like at the moment and it has that long term potential.

I'll make it marlbank album of the week for 10-16 June 2018, think Binker and Moses on steroids — and a thrill for all us fresh faced or increasingly haggard free improv fans as Evan Parker and Eddie Prévost create an echolocation of understanding in the moment derived however loosely in translation via a Polish source and figuratively more significantly becoming a listening foundation and monument to their towering achievement on this beautiful piece of practically 4-d geometry.   

PS Listen to to the very different very new and also magical quartet album that Evan Parker features on with Dave Holland, Craig Taborn and Ches Smith. Track above for an intimate flavour of the rapport between Evan and the Wolverhampton wanderer.