Opening with the Matt Anderson-penned ‘Blues for Wayne’ dedicated to Wayne Shorter Wildflower derive deep inspiration from Shorter on this debut album.

Headed up by Leeds College of Music alumnus tenor saxophonist Anderson joined by trumpeter Laura Jurd, guitarist Alex Munk, pianist Jamil Sheriff, double bassist Sam Vicary, and drummer Sam Gardner Wildflower was recorded in Leeds in February last year and the sextet currently on tour return to launch the album in Leeds next month.

Shorter’s ‘Masqualero’ from Miles Davis album Sorcerer, ‘Fall’ (from Nefertiti), ‘Three Clowns’ (on Weather Report’s Black Market), and ‘Lester Left Town,’ going back to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers album The Big Beat, comprise the Shorter element of the album with four compositions of Anderson’s, including the laidback opener, completing this album to be issued by Huddersfield indie Jellymould.

Heritage repertory “golden age” acoustic jazz made with a great deal of respect and love by these talented musicians all beginning to make a name for themselves, Anderson’s tunes blending well with the classic material, the guitar and piano-led theme of his tune ‘Burning Man’ sun-dazed and lethargically tender the pick, Munk leading off ‘J.G.’ in an updated Frisellian diversion before the horns take you way back like a bee to honey to Wayne’s world.

Stephen Graham

Released on 9 March. Tour dates are here

Matt Anderson above left with Laura Jurd in the foreground