Not quite sure why Silence Blossoms is not out until 21 July (might as well be 2017) but anyway the Efpi band's eponymous debut shoots to the top of this particular website's new band radar with some ease. Without the need to elaborate too much, more later, listen if you like to 'Invisible Mender' above. Silence Blossoms features saxophonist Sam Andrae from Trio Riot responsible for some of the best free jazz around this year here with bassist Gus Loxbo and vocalist Hanna Olivegren who appear two days after release in a double bill with Space F!ght at the Manchester Jazz Festival. Patti Smith-like in its scalding intensity, revolutionary in the free-jazz heat hidden within the cauldron of its sound, poetic, caustic and vital, let's hope people wake up and smell the coffee in time before this blossom fades. Songs included lyrics by Sarah Maguire, Andrae himself, Pascale Petit, Stevie Smith, Alice Oswald, Hanna Olivegren and Gus Loxbo. The band have been gigging around in advance of the release, and last month played Leeds, Manchester and Canterbury among other stop-offs. A single featuring Remembrance of an Open Wound from the album was also released in recent weeks.