The live side of the Casey Golden trio coin – Outliers representing what they are capable of in the studio  – this talented Australian piano trio is here at Melbourne jazz club Bennetts Lane captured playing live in front of an audience on the first day of July last year. 

With robust recorded sound the drums particularly well miked-up, piano sounding bright and warm – Australian national broadcaster ABC recorded it for Mal Stanley’s Jazz Track show – it’s a confident showing bookended by ‘The 16th Hour Intro’ written by drummer Ed Rodrigues, and pianist Golden’s ‘Clouded.’ 

Golden’s finest moment comes in the poignant ‘Paralysed Intro’ where he is completely exposed, the trio joining for ‘Paralysed’ itself which follows seamlessly on. Contemporary sounding riffing on skeletal potentially earworming themes, a little like Phronesis maybe, this album was recorded just the month before Outliers

A trio that clearly don’t live in the past, a huge plus, there is a positivity in their playing that is refreshing. Rodrigues comes into his own on ‘When the Talking Stops’ verging on the broken beat style (the way someone like Richard Spaven or Graham Godfrey plays), and bassist Bill Williams takes command in the intro to ‘Clouded’. Relatively early days still for the trio but on this evidence reinforcing Outliers they are certainly going places fast, and are distinctive enough to stand out in a very crowded field. SG