Selma composer Bandwagon pianist Jason Moran has launched a new magazine LOOP which examines jazz culture from an African-American perspective.

Moran is editor-in-chief and his wife, opera singer, Alicia Hall Moran, is co-editor. Contributors to the first issue just published online include Steve Coleman, Matana Roberts, Kendrick Scott, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Greg Tate, and Cassandra Wilson. Loop is hosted online by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

In the first issue in a piece called ‘Acknowledgement’ Cassandra Wilson writes: “Jazz practitioners are not natural entertainers. We are musicians who carry the legends and lore of an art form that is constantly evolving while also retaining a steadfast connection to its genesis. University curricula now include jazz studies, thereby bestowing legitimacy on one of America’s most prized indigenous art forms. Matriculation is based on learning the form inside of Western musical constructs — scales, modes, harmonies, melodies — but no mysteries. And the mysteries are the key to unlocking the pathway to the sublime. They cannot be taught in universities or conventional institutions. They are received only by sitting at the feet of the masters. Your initiation is confirmed by your acknowledgment of the elders and your reverence for the ancestors. Only then will you be deemed a worthy conduit.”

Another thought-provoking highlight of the first issue is ‘A Few Preparatory Remarks About What Happened When Freedom Swang Smashed into the Electrifying Mojo’ by Greg Tate who writes: ''The history of Black American music cannot be accurately rendered without detailing the parallel evolution of Black American political thought and activism.” SG
Jason Moran, above. photo: Link to: LOOP