A suite of medieval Sephardic folk ballads re-imagined by electro-acoustic ensemble Sefiroth and produced and directed by jazz guitarist Alex Roth (who guests on ReDiviDer’s new album Meets I Dig Monk, Tuned http://www.marlbank.net/reviews/1072-be-my-guest) the multimedia theatre pieces combines the performance of ancient Sephardic folk songs performed by an ensemble whose members include vocalist/violinist Alice Zawadzki, trumpeter Alex Bonney, and electric bassist Ruth Goller, with the mediums of digital media and dance, drawing on the ancient mythology and symbolism of the Kabbalist tree of life.

The ensemble released Arboles lloran por lluvia ('The Trees Weep For Rain') as a download album last year. Alex Roth says: “When I first encountered the Sephardic repertoire, I was moved by its sense of melancholy and bitter-sweet longing – acutely contrasted by some of the most hauntingly beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard. I felt these songs deserved to reach a much wider audience, and the inherent drama of their lyrics seemed to call out for a theatrical approach to their performance.” A rising star on the creative jazz scene Roth won the 2011 Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition, and a Musicians Benevolent Fund emerging excellence award.
Detail from the
Arvoles Lloran por Lluvia poster above