Arve Henriksen
Cosmic Creation
Rune Grammofon (2-CDs)  *** 1/2

Belonging partly to 2012’s Solidification retrospective of the innovative Norwegian trumpeter’s, as ‘Chron’ one of the two CDs here featured in that endeavour containing as it does sounds recorded at home and in places such as hotels and even backstage at gigs. On the second disc giving the set its overall title the 8-part ‘Cosmic Creation’ ominously rumbling as it gets underway is new having been recorded in a Swedish studio.

‘Chron’ has a light industrial feel at the beginning, all conyeyer belt-like noises and odd factory-of-the-future sounds yet by ‘Solidification’ the fourth track with its engine running in the background shimmeringly and briefly installed Milesian atmosphere it’s ambivalently redolent of jazz for a tiny section before moving to the out-and-out throbbing ambient soundscape of ‘Magma Oscillator’ late in.

Henriksen is almost a genre all by himself you can’t help but feeling after experiencing both parts of Cosmic Creation a few times and this is a feat of composition and considered assemblage as much as sheer performance. But just check out what he does on the staggering fourth track of ‘Cosmic Creation’ where the mists clear and everything makes sense, at least for a while. So, all in all some extraordinary often unsettling but involving soundscapes, and further proof should any be required of how far-sighted musically Henriksen remains.