Euan Burton Too Much Love ***1/2 Whirlwind

Recorded in Scotland’s Castlesound studios in June last year this quartet album led by bassist Euan Burton ​has a strong theme-heavy character, Adam Jackson’s alto saxophone leading the ballad ‘This World’, the second track here, into a very intimate space. It’s that personal aspect developing into a powerful sense of immediacy that is such an all-pervasive feature here. Projecting a strongly acoustic precise kind of sound where you can hear so much sonic detail irrespective of the style or form of the tune drummer Alyn Cosker, usually quite a physical drummer, reveals another much more contemplative side of his musical personality as an accompanist while pianist Tom Gibbs, who plays a bit like the John Taylor-influenced John Turville, is the ideal partner for Burton's bold declarative approach shaping the New Melodic sound sensitively.

All Burton’s own tunes, quite poignant songs where you could easily imagine a voice taking the place of the saxophone on some of the tunes, and not a little sad at times, the material has a quasi-classical side to it for instance on ‘Rhapsody’, which you can listen to above; a little more homespun on ’All That Is Left’ but overall resolutely steering well clear of the blander chamber jazz style that bedevils some jazz projects of this type. Tearjerker ‘Too Much Love’ is kept to last and it’s really rather special.

Hear Burton live​ at the Con cellar bar, London on 7 November and the Blue Lamp, Aberdeen on 13 November​​. Too Much Love is released on 17 November.