Double glazing in a way – World of Leather might be a very different kind of record, or indeed boutique – nothing can quite prepare you for what you’re about to listen to here from the prosaic title in itself.

Norwegians Terje Isungset, an old hand at using unusual materials, and Arve Henriksen have immersed themselves in a unique world playing instruments made completely from glass as an artwork project initially that came together for Tallinn’s stint as European capital of culture three years ago and recorded in the Estonian capital.

The overall effect is quite remarkable, spacious, natural, and dare I say New Agey, with involving albeit sometimes practically glacial developmental sections offsetting any danger of gimmickry. Perfect for active meditation, even if that is not the intention, an album that may send you, chimingly, and occasionally shiveringly, into a quiet ancient space from which you might be reluctant to emerge. The conceptual integration of these beautiful looking instruments and the intuition of these innate improvisers could not have been more successfully achieved. Out now