Part of a vibrant new wave of Australian piano trios spearheaded by the ever more experimental Trichotomy, the language of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio from the 1990s and 2000s continuing to cast a giant shadow on jazz globally. 

Like Trichotomy’s Sean Foran pianist Casey Golden is something of a romantic at heart and he shares with his compatriot a strong rhapsodic side to his playing, delivering an aria of inventiveness on ‘Paralysed,’ the gently thudding accompaniment of drummer Ed Rodrigues on this track injecting unsettling tension in the improvisation. Recorded in August 2014 at Musicfeeds studio in Sydney – a coincidence that EST’s last-released album 301 like the earlier Leucocyte was also recorded in a Sydney studio – there’s a touching naivety and bravery to much of the writing on Outliers and plenty of ideas bounded by Golden’s alert contrapuntal and overridingly New Melodic sense. ‘Recluse’ paced by the deft patrolling of bassist Bill Williams enables Golden’s anthemic sense to assert itself most drawing you ever closer to the inner flame. Out now

Stephen Graham