Abstract and experimental with a heat to it catapulted forward particularly by the ugly beauty of saxophonist Manu Hermia’s sound, this trio of drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq, best known as a member of the Emile Parisien quartet; cellist Valentin Ceccaldi, who has performed with the Méderic Collignon Quartet among others over the years here providing vivid clusters of dense tonality; and passionate saxophonist Hermia himself switching between tenor, alto and soprano saxes often with wild abandon at various points on the album, make their debut on a taut set of five bandmember-written pieces.

Darrifourcq, not afraid to chop out a snarling rock beat on ‘Les Flics de la Police’, a larder full of darting electronic splurges and beeps punctuating the trio sound, has been on Babel label head Oliver Weindling’s wish-list for a while and deserves to be better known to audiences beyond France. This stimulating and sometimes unusual album – the final track ‘Chauve et Courtois’ states its case with what sounds like an alarm clock ringing its heart out – will do that process of wider discovery no harm at all. SG