Accurate ***
This Boston-based Kenyan-born singer has a very different voice. Quite expressive and light, with a folky lilt at times and a certain attractive tenacity, fans of Joni Mitchell as much as Nina Simone might relate to the nuanced readings on this her highly promising debut. Backed comfortably, a little too much perhaps at times, by a band that includes saxophonist (and chief arranger) Russ Gershon whose song ‘Azmari’ appears on Mulatu Astatke’s new album Sketches of Ethiopia highlights here include Mulatu’s mysterious ‘Love Isn’t Easy’ with words Gabrielle Agachiko herself has penned. The title track, an Agachiko song, also more than makes its presence felt, and the laidback band finally asserts itself with a memorably chromatic descending earworm that draws out the highly affirmative vocal and lets it run tantalisingly. Extra kudos for lampooning the Tea Party crackpots on 'Words'.