Red Kite

Saxophonist Colin Webster’s blissed-out free improv pairing with Led Bib drummer Mark Holub on their third album Viscera back in the autumn was a pleasant turn-up for the books. And Webster is back hard at the anvil here on Red Kite this time sounding if anything even wilder in a trio setting with guitarist Alex Ward and drummer Andrew Lisle.

A four track download album led off by the almost 20-minute long opener Webster builds a volcanic heat erupting after eight minutes or so Ward eventually moving off into droney industrial spaces as each of the three peel off, Lisle reminiscent of Decoy’s Steve Noble in the way he can winkle out a reclusive pulse from unlikely hidden sources amid the turbulent waves of creativity. The trio don’t stand a hope of ever getting even if they wanted a gig in the local bijou wine bar (a little chablis with your Brötzmann, madam, sir?) let’s face it as Red Kite is not exactly polite music, all three wrestling with the invisible demons the wildness of the music summons. But it all goes to provide still more proof of Webster’s prowess as an instrumentalist and his sheer fluency and understanding of the language and impulses of free-improv. SG