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Sarah Moule, Stormy Emotions

As literary a jazz album as any around this year words matter and singer Sarah Moule knows this …

Published: 5 Mar 2021. Updated: 2 days ago.

Paul Towndrow

An achievement. The trumpet section within the sound is one of the best that I have heard in many …

Published: 4 Mar 2021. Updated: 4 days ago.

BRICE, GOLDING, KAISER, MOORE, PRÉVOST, The Secret Handshake with Danger, Vol. One

577 Records · Olie Brice, Binker Golding, Henry Kaiser, N.O. Moore, Eddie Prévost: Excerpt I …

Published: 3 Mar 2021. Updated: 5 days ago.

Joe Chambers, Samba de Maracatu

As you'd probably expect and certainly won't be disappointed to realise after a few listens that …

Published: 1 Mar 2021. Updated: 7 days ago.

Michael and Peter Formanek, Dyads

Bassist Michael Formanek, a significant presence within Thumbscrew, here with his saxophone and …

Published: 1 Mar 2021. Updated: 7 days ago.

Adrian Younge, The American Negro

Review: An extraordinary achievement by pianist/multi-instrumentalist/auteur Adrian Younge. I …

Published: 1 Mar 2021. Updated: 7 days ago.