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Bessie Smith reissued

A cause for no small celebration, Bessie Smith reissued in a snug new paperback edition: 2021 is …

Published: 18 Feb 2021. Updated: 17 days ago.

Riff: the Shake Keane Story, Philip Nanton, Papillote Press

Written by the author of Island Voices from St Christopher and the Barracudas, Canouan Suite and …

Published: 25 Jan 2021. Updated: 42 days ago.

European Echoes: Jazz Experimentalism in Germany, 1950–1975, Harald Kisiedu

Just three chapters, chunky ones at that, the first focuses largely on Peter Brötzmann; the second, …

Published: 2 May 2020. Updated: 3 months ago.

Van Morrison, Keep 'Er Lit, Faber & Faber

In the second volume of lyrics even more substantial than the first, 2014's Lit Up Inside, the well …

Published: 4 Mar 2020. Updated: 41 days ago.

Ornette Coleman: The Territory and the Adventure, Maria Golia, Reaktion

A giant step in the right direction and the first significant book on Ornette Coleman since John …

Published: 13 Jan 2020. Updated: 4 months ago.

Words on the printed page

2014 review. Van Morrison, Lit Up Inside: Selected Lyrics with a foreword by Ian Rankin, Faber & …

Published: 9 Nov 2019. Updated: 5 months ago.