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Ruby Turner travels on the bright side of the road

Very middle of the road gospelly-soul, the name of the game on the discreetly grooving positivity of 'Under Your Sky' from Ruby Turner here. Best known as a featured singer...

Published: 24 Jan 2020. Updated: 16 hours ago.

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Did Mark Murphy Believe In UFOs?

'If you stumble just be tongue and cheek.' Amusing hep-croon beat and catchy kitsch scattery here from daddio Tony Adamo on his Mark Murphy homage, tasty spoken word monologues thrown...

Published: 23 Jan 2020. Updated: 39 hours ago.

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Michele Rabbia/Gianluca Petrella/Eivind Aarset, Lost River, ECM

First published in June 2019. Pretty unusual instrumentation first off, a trio of drums & electronics/trombone/guitar & electronics. And a pretty unusual start too, lots of airy intrigue giving way...

Published: 2 Jan 2020. Updated: 22 days ago.

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Marc Cary, Rhodes Ahead Vol 2, Motéma

From 2015. If there existed a sliding scale of vogue-ish instruments running from zero = fashionable as a pair of old socks to 10 = who needs shades anyway then...

Published: 25 Dec 2019. Updated: 30 days ago.

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Strigalev-Klein-Belardi-Herr, Tele-Port, Double Moon

Anyone who has heard Zhenya Strigalev live will always be interested in what he is doing. He has so much personality in his playing and he can tackle the fastest...

Published: 23 Dec 2019. Updated: 32 days ago.

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Dominic Lash Quartet, Extremophile, Iluso

From 2017. Opabinia was a long tail of a record in that it got little or no profile at the time of release. But when you go back to it...

Published: 21 Dec 2019. Updated: 34 days ago.

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