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Critics: part 2

''The number of those who undergo the fatigue of judging for themselves is very small indeed'' – Mr Puff, in The Critic (1779) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. It is hardly...

Published: 21 Jan 2020. Updated: 3 days ago.

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How we all as jazz listeners relate to virtuosity is worth considering. The Collins dictionary definition actually uses jazz in one of its examples, defining the ''V'' word as belonging...

Published: 15 Jan 2020. Updated: 9 days ago.

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Sun Chung at ECM: at the heart of a half century continuum as the future beckons

ECM is synonymous with legendary producer and label founder Manfred Eicher. Other producers are at work at the label, however. Eicher's long-time associate the Englishman and former music journalist Steve...

Published: 2 Jan 2020. Updated: 22 days ago.

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A producer makes all the difference

Most jazz musicians produce themselves and it could be the worst decision they ever make. Not engineering (that’s the job of the sound engineer) nor product ownership necessarily or the...

Published: 1 Jan 2020. Updated: 23 days ago.

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Spirits in the sky

Remembering those from the jazz firmament who passed away in 2019 and who included: Joseph Jarman, Michel Legrand, Ken Nordine, Ira Gitler, André Previn, Ed Bickert, Jacques Loussier, Dave Samuels,...

Published: 18 Dec 2019. Updated: 37 days ago.

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Club or hall

You may have your preferences about hearing jazz in either a club or a concert hall. You might make no distinction and choose all of the above, perhaps. In a...

Published: 17 Dec 2019. Updated: 38 days ago.

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