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Ellman excels

Look out for Last Desert (Pi) by the Threadgillian guitarist-composer Liberty Ellman. A few tracks are streaming ahead of release next month and both 'The Sip' and 'Rubber Flowers' have...

Published: 16 Feb 2020. Updated: 18 hours ago.

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The new Stacey Kent

Here's the new Stacey Kent. Naama Gheber is excellent on the deftly swinging title track of April's Dearly Beloved. With pianist Ray Gallon, bassist David Wong, drummer Aaron Kimmel and...

Published: 15 Feb 2020. Updated: 43 hours ago.

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Emma-Jean Thackray EP

Cosmic 1970s-type keyboard soundz set up 'Rain Dance/Wisdom.' which is new from trumpeter-composer Emma-Jean Thackray. Beats kick in to introduce an electronics coated downtempo trumpet presence, the dystopian mood stretching...

Published: 12 Feb 2020. Updated: 4 days ago.

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Track of the day: Honey Fountain

With a featured spot on 'Pearls' new from Kandace Springs more Avishai Cohen here in this simmeringly compelling track with 'Honey Fountain' drawn from the Israeli trumpeter's new studio album...

Published: 8 Feb 2020. Updated: 8 days ago.

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Track of the day: Berlin

In a sea of talented next generation players one UK jazz guitarist is sailing on like no other at the moment breaking loose from the modern mainstream doldrums that otherwise...

Published: 1 Feb 2020. Updated: 16 days ago.

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Track of the day: Shabaka and the Ancestors on Impulse!

Here is the beautiful 'Go My Heart, Go To Heaven' from the griot themed We Are Sent Here By History to be released on 13 March. Shabaka Hutchings, tenor saxophonist...

Published: 31 Jan 2020. Updated: 16 days ago.

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