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Radio review: the Swing and Big Band Show with Clare Teal (BBC Radio 2)

If your idea of jazz is like the classic sounds found in much loved Billy Wilder comedy Some Like …

Published: 21 Oct 2020. Updated: 4 hours ago.

Matthieu Bordenave, La traversée

Matthieu Bordenave needs time to develop as a headline artist. New material next time, not …

Published: 18 Oct 2020. Updated: 3 days ago.

Peter Bernstein, What Comes Next

Supremely swinging. That's the bouncing 'Simple as That' on What Comes Next by Peter Bernstein. …

Published: 16 Oct 2020. Updated: 5 days ago.

Origin Story, Good Friday

Exuding agreeable and highly desirable maturity, Origin Story are: Greg Felton on piano, Cormac …

Published: 15 Oct 2020. Updated: 6 days ago.

Skeltr, Dorje

In duo Sam Healey (keys, sax, vocals) and Craig Hanson (drums) as Skeltr are a blast of fresh air. …

Published: 14 Oct 2020. Updated: 6 days ago.

Review in brief: Frequency Disasters

All about texture and very soothing in a certain significant sense that does not diminish its …

Published: 8 Oct 2020. Updated: 12 days ago.