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Rava, Herbert, Guidi, For Mario (Live)

This feels very private music and has a deeply raw edge to it in terms of emotional impact. Each …

Published: 26 May 2020. Updated: 2 days ago.

Martin Speake and Liam Noble in The Chapel

The fact a student came along and recorded this duo performance by alto saxophonist Martin Speake …

Published: 24 May 2020. Updated: 4 days ago.

Review: Jon Balke, Discourses

One of the pianists his label has most kept faith with, their relationship together spanning a few …

Published: 17 May 2020. Updated: 8 days ago.

Latest review: Gary Husband and Markus Reuter, Music Of Our Times, Moonjune

As a pianist Gary Husband is lesser known than as a drummer but a significant player in his own …

Published: 12 May 2020. Updated: 16 days ago.

Albums, latest review: Victoria Geelan, Sophisticated Lady

With every step she becomes that bit greater. Feeling good? No. You will be, promise after this. …

Published: 7 May 2020. Updated: 20 days ago.

Aaron Parks Little Big II, Dreams of a Mechanical Man

It is surprising how different a quartet can sound to anything else around. Aaron Parks manages to …

Published: 4 May 2020. Updated: 24 days ago.