Tingvall Trio

New Melodic with a folky tinge, the pared down accessibility of Tingvall Trio draws on a narrative arc at play in their live performance that can easily move you.

A band who value original composition as well as the creative alchemy of improvisation led by Swedish pianist Martin Tingvall they continue their long relationship with the passionately supportive Skip records who are releasing Cirklar in the summer and for who they have made six albums so far including live album In Concert reviewed here. The Hamburg-based Tingvalls usually play their own originals, and track titles indicate largely Swedish-titled numbers. The title means “Circles” and the CD comes with bonus track ‘Labyrint.’ 

‘Bumerang’ –‘Boomerang’ – has an anthemic mood redolent of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’.  A melodic motif, big wide hands apart chordal sense of crisp perspective sets up incremental synaptic shifts by somehow enabling ecstatic flourishes to set free a flood of emotion. Double bassist Omar Rodriguez Calvo is a mesmerising Palle Danielsson-calibre anchor who solos beautifully at the centrepiece of the track spilling over from the uncomplicated viscerally compelling rock and world music-inspired protective power of drummer Jürgen Spiegel who leads off.

Trio temperament: Spiegel, above left, Tingvall and Calvo photo: www.martin-tingvall.com