A master of mood and darkness, trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær continues a story begun on Switch. There’s a plangent delicacy to the music on offer, generally quite downbeat, slow and tender, full of material that nevertheless cooks up an inert heat that becomes ever more engrossing as you enter into its uniquely futuristic world.

Working with Geir Sundstöl, guitar/banjo, Jo Berger Myhre bass, keyboards, guitars, and drummer Erland Dahlen there’s little backward-looking or copycat in Molvær’s approach and the trumpeter manages to manipulate a spatial dimension to magnify his intimately lonesome solo statements.

When the band whips up some extra energy say on ‘Jackson Reef’ there’s a new intensity in the band interplay. But it’s the aching, involving, passages that really dominate and captivate here and make this such a fine record.

NPM is over with the Buoyancy band in the UK later this autumn playing Ronnie Scott’s on 25 October, a must-see for anyone interested in state of the art jazz from Europe.  

He has dozens and dozens of albums in his heaving back catalogue. And yet it’s hardly an everyday event when there is a new album from jazz fusion hero Larry Coryell on the horizon.

That makes Barefoot Man: Sanpaku a bit of an event. Original compositions are the name of the game here and you can listen to the funky ‘Sanpaku,’ above.

Pianist Lynne Arriale, longtime Coryell collaborator John Lee on bass, Dan Jordan on saxophone and flute, and drummer Lee Pierson join Coryell for the 13 October release.

Coryell will play the Cork Jazz Festival in Ireland on 30 October. FESTIVAL website