A Cécile McLorin Salvant autumn duets album marks the return of the acclaimed singer who has found global fame in recent years. 
Deerstalker time, sleuthing around:
1 Release date is 28 September. 
2 The label is the “mainstream”-preferring US super-jazz indie Mack Avenue. 
3 It includes a cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Visions’, which opens proceedings.  
4 Cécile McLorin Salvant’s duets partner is pianist Sullivan Fortner.

Window cover
5 The closer is Jimmy Rowles/Norma Winstone’s ‘The Peacocks’. 
6 Images found on the very yellow cover sleeve offer clues to certain song titles.
Further reading: a review of CMcLS’ groundbreaking WomanChild (2013); heard live (2015); and her inclusion in the marlbank touching souls 20 list (2018).

Pick of the pre-orders and the latest from NYSQ. Listen first + then jump up to speed if you are unfamiliar with the quartet by reading about their earlier Sleight of Hand. Its title track you will have to wait until release for. Obviously that very track puns on the Victor Feldman classic ‘Seven Steps to Heaven’ which Miles Davis made famous. I was transported looking forward to he NYSQ version by the thought of the off kilter rhythm of the piece itself and its tricky use of syncopation and hanging silences back to the Excuse Me Do I Know You? session in the late-1990s I dropped in for a bit to hear at the Air studios in Hampstead when the Ronnie Scott tribute band pulled off a stirring treatment in their version of the former habitué of the 1940s Feldman Swing Club’s popular standard. 

“Each song is strictly based on a composition, or multiple compositions, by Charlie Parker. Literally.”  

So says Shawn Baltazor in no-nonsense fashion. Of appeal to Partikel or Led Bib fans and not only but also, because of a flying Cecil Tayloresque featured player spot by the globally renowned pianist Jason Moran, followers of the Bandwagon.

Wait but who are the players behind Freebird? Called Walking Distance, who are Caleb Curtis – alto saxophone; Kenny Pexton – tenor saxophone; Adam Coté – bass plus the man doing the talking above, drummer Shawn Baltazor they are from New York city.

Around a while they debuted three years back. Indie label Sunnyside are putting this out releasing it in the annual peak-jazz release period of late-September.

Watch out for it, in case they are lost in the mêlée, otherwise you might not be able to forgive yourself.  

Slow Moving Clouds publicity photo

Slow Moving Clouds settle into today’s track of the day spot with the rakish ‘Trin’. The Dublin experimental folk 3, Aki, Danny Diamond and Kevin Murphy, fold a lot into Starfall from which it is taken — Irish and Nordic folk just two of the powerful ingredients. Os came first when the Irish/Finnish band emerged around three years ago greeted by favourable folk scene word of mouth. Ahead of release tour dates include the Quiet Lights festival in Cork on 8 September.