Passing away yesterday at the age of 84, Mickey Roker, the Miami-born drummer who developed on the scene in Philadelphia and who won the admiration of Dizzy Gillespie, will be remembered most besides his work with Diz, Gigi Gryce and Ray Bryant for his participation on a number of classic albums that include Herbie Hancock’s Speak Like a Child and San Francisco by Bobby Hutcherson. Obituary: at WBGO.

As a huge fan of Ian Dury the headline hommage is self-explanatory. Nary a jazz connection, however you might think but you would be wrong especially if you know the Blockheads’ recent output and quite sensibly like Davey Payne and Gilad. Anyway to digress does genre affiliation matter? 

More seriously there has been a drought on the new release front at least going on all the unreviewable new albums I have been listening to over the weekend thankfully now over and in full spate again with Magnetic, a RareNoise assemblage/remix/reworking/meeting of minds call it what you will, by little known London maverick producer Gaudi.

Described more officially as “a contemporary tribute to the darker side of the 80s; to psychedelic rock and an era when Sigue Sigue Sputnik dropped proto-punk on the world” don’t let that put you off at all but rather rope you in.

Released on 16 June. There is a Borderline gig that night too dovetailing in a rare feat of label multi-tasking. RareNoise is riding high at the moment because label in-house genius Jamie Saft and a few blokes he knows have teamed up with Iggy Pop and against the odds it doesn’t suck.