Adam Waldmann

Cheering news to discover among the small print of the many thousands of words contained within the pages of the EFG London Jazz Festival programme that Kairos 4tet are back gigging again after quite a while when things looked bleak as to the highly acclaimed band’s future.
Skilful, cerebral and yet highly involving Kairos 4tet play complicated yet ultimately melodic and compositionally through written robust “progressive” jazz. There is the comfort of a degree of recognition that allows you then to travel with the band to new places only they know the route to. 
Led by saxophonist Adam Waldmann, above, the past MOBO winners way back in their early post-college years regularly collaborate with the Parliamentary Award-winning singer Emilia Mårtensson whose album Loredana is expected to be released by Babel in the spring of 2019 and who will be appearing alongside the classic line-up which itself features two-thirds of the hit band Phronesis. 
Rich Mix, 20 November.