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Track of the day: In and Out from Masters in Paris

Simply beautiful. The rest is conversation, just listen to this in all its grandeur. Once the final note resounds, and the afternote, interrupted, disappears, the applause premature and in blushing...

Published: 1 Apr 2020. Updated: 7 hours ago.

Darren Beckett interview

Known for his work with Madeleine Peyroux and Brandon Flowers the Belfast drummer Darren Beckett back from the States these last few years and living in Brighton is in trio...

Published: 1 Apr 2020. Updated: 3 hours ago.

Wallace Roney has died

The trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Wallace Roney died yesterday in hospital in New Jersey at the age of 59 through complications incurred by contracting COVID-19. Roney was one of the...

Published: 1 Apr 2020. Updated: 10 hours ago.

Stunner: Tim Berne and Nasheet Waits, The Coandă Effect

I'm a sucker for sax and drums duo albums. Pick of the recent crop is certainly the new Ted Poor and Andrew d'Angelo You Already Know. And look at this...

Published: 31 Mar 2020. Updated: 26 hours ago.

Chronosphere, an introductory track from Tau Ceti, streams

For avant jazz (in the sense of free-improv or 'free jazz'), I usually turn to Intakt, Trost and Cleanfeed among the best labels to source reliable new releases. And over...

Published: 31 Mar 2020. Updated: 33 hours ago.

The lead-up to lockdown, NYC. How the world can change in 3 weeks

By Phil Robson. Feb 27, JFK terminal 5. I met up with my colleague and friend, saxophonist Aaron Johnson. We were heading for Portland Oregon to do a west coast...

Published: 30 Mar 2020. Updated: 2 days ago.